Global Psychics

Psychics Who Work Internationally

Some of the best known global psychics travel around the world for shows or to facilitate workshops. Because the Internet has allowed information to spread around the world so quickly, the news of an outstanding psychic in one country usually means that they will soon be global psychics. Who are some of the global psychics?

Uri Geller is one of them. He is a global psychic who was born in Israel. Geller is able to bend spoons with his mind, and he has also demonstrated the ability to stop a cable car in mid-air and other feats that are impossible for the average person. He has been appearing around the world for over 30 years. He has read peoples’ minds in almost every continent and is popular as a motivational speaker.

Another famous global psychic is John Edward who is also a medium. He wrote his first book in 1998 and appeared on a popular TV show the next year. He was such a hit that he had his own TV show the next year. It was shown in the UK and the US from 1999 to 2004. Edward receives messages from deceased relatives of audience members during his show.

Audience members help fill in the blanks to make sense of what the spirit is saying to them. He has gained a reputation as a global psychic and now tours all over the world, including Australia, South Africa, Ireland, various locations in the US, and elsewhere. There is no guarantee that audience members will receive a reading from Edward when they attend his shows, but thousands buy tickets hoping that they may receive a message from a loved one through Edward.

Other famous global psychics are Sylvia Browne who travels nationally and internationally appearing before audiences. She has been appearing on television and in person for many years.

Sally Morgan is a very popular British psychic who is a medium psychic. She has had her own TV show and has written her autobiography. She travels around the UK to appear before audiences who want to meet her, hoping that she will bring a message from a loved one to them.

Lisa Williams is another British psychic who is internationally known. This global psychic medium is an author, speaker, and teacher. Her appearances and TV show have been popular in the US and in the UK.


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